Each year in September Central Dental Alexandra takes part in Free Dental Day.

Free Dental Day is run by the NZDA and sponsored by the Southern Cross Health Trust. Lots of dentists across New Zealand volunteer a day of their time to help out by providing free dental treatments to community service card holders.

Amelia placing a anterior white filling.

Southern Cross Health Trust covers costs for;

  • Staff
  • Consumables and dental materials
  • A fixed amount as rent
  • Free oral care packs for patients

Volunteer dentists offer basic dental care such as;

  • Relief of pain and treatment of infections
  • Restorations such as amalgam and composites
  • Extractions
  • Basic periodontal treatment such as scale and polish
  • Preventive care, including fluoride applications

In 2017 Amelia saw 13 patients and did 16 procedures including 8 restorations, 6 extractions and 2 exam cleans. 564 patients were treated throughout New Zealand.

Both Max and Amelia volunteered in 2018, together they saw 23 patients and did a good mix of procedures again.

Interested in being a patient on Free Dental Day? Follow us or the NZDA on Facebook. When Free Dental Day is open for booking in 2019 we’ll publish it on our Facebook page. It is usually around mid August that bookings open.