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Online Booking Now Available

To make it easier for you Central Dental now has online booking, we are still making a few adjustments to it, and there may be a few more options available in the future. If you can’t find a time or option that suits please phone us on 03 448 8159 and we will help you out.


Refer a friend to Central Dental

Did you enjoy you visit to Central Dental, we are taking on new patients if you know someone new to town, let them know about us and we will rewards you both with a $10 dollar credit

Terms and conditions apply

Changes to Central Dental

Nathan from EMS showing Victoria the new Airflow scale and cleaning equipment

Things have been changing here at Central Dental, we have been very busy here, and we needed to expand. We have a new clinic up and running with a new knee break chair, this makes it easier for people to get in and out of. We have had the new room up and running for a few months and now we have some new staff to fill it.

Maxim Stevenson and Victoria Ryan have joined us this year, and are off to a flying start. Max is a new graduate dentist, and Victoria is our Oral Health Therapist.

With Victoria we are going to be focusing more on routine  hygiene visits.  and we would like to explain the changes.

Your first appointment with Victoria will be an hour long appointment, with an exam at the end with either Max or Amelia.  Victoria will do a very gentle thorough clean, examine and record your current gum condition and take xrays to check for bone loss around teeth due to gum disease. One of our dentists will then come through for a dental exam, checking for any cavities, abscesses or failing fillings, they will also review your xrays and take any additional xrays they require. This appointment is $193. The increase comes from spending that extra time with Victoria, who spends a lot more time giving your teeth a thorough clean as well as the dentist doing the exam. We have provided Victoria with the tools to do the cleans in the gentlest way possible.

You can still book an exam in with the dentist only, for $145 this is a shorter appointment as not much time is spent on the clean, we still will take xrays. If regular hygiene visits are required these will be booked in with Victoria. Regular hygienist visits are $100 for a 30 minute clean without radiographs.

Airflow Training

We had a great training session last week with Nathan from EMS on our new Airflow machine. Thanks EMS, we love our new machine and so do Victoria’s patients.

Introducing Max

Hi, my name is Max and I am very happy to be joining the team at Central Dental Alexandra in 2018. A born and bred Cantabrian (though try not to hold that against me), I have spent the last five years in Otago taking full advantage of the peninsula, and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with distinction.
I really enjoy getting to meet a wide range of people and help them improve and maintain their oral health. I cannot wait to see what splendour Central Otago offers and I look forward to seeing you.

Back to work

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, we are back into the swing of things.

Our hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5pm

Please phone us on 03 448 8159 if you need a dental appointment.


Christmas Emergency Treatment

This year we are going to be closed during weekend and public holidays.

We will be available for relief of pain treatment 10am-1pm on the 27th-29th of December and the 3-5th of January.

Please phone 021 036 6358 if you have an acute issue arising outside of these times that require immediate attention (for example a cricket ball knocked out a tooth), we will not treat regular toothaches outside the above times.

We return full time on the 8th of January

An emergency call out fee of $100 may apply (this is on top of treatment costs).

Standard costs are:

Brief diagnostic  exam and x-ray + prescription $120 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + adjustment/ small repair $160 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + simple extraction $195 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + stage 1 root canal $230 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + complex extraction $250 (+$100)

For an appointment

Phone 03 448 8159 and leave a message or 021 036 6358 if it is urgent.

Under 18 and registered with us will be as normal with no  extra fees. If you are registered with another provider try contacting them first otherwise a call out fee + private fees will apply.

Acute pain due to ACC event?
ACC will contribute to your fees but there will be a gap payment required.

We will provide emergency treatment but the call out fee must be paid before treatment. The process will remain the same as normal. You must phone WINZ and make sure you are eligible for a special needs grant. You will need to book a meeting with your case manager. Before your meeting come in for a consult (pay the callout fee) and get a form from us. Then go to your meeting with your case manager and get approval from WINZ, then treatment will be provided.

All payment is expected on the day of service.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a whiter smile for Chrsitmas

Terms & Conditions
$230 for whitening only
$350 for exam, xrays and whitening
$440 for exam, xrays, dental clean (to remove superficial staining and tartar), whitening.
You must book your initial appointment between Jan-March 2018 with Max or Victoria
you must have had a full checkup including xrays no more than 12 months prior to whitening and not have any outstanding treatment required that may cause sensitivity
Sometimes the exam or xrays will reveal that you require treatment for cavities or gum disease prior to whitening. A quote will be provided for any treatment required prior to whitening. Your special whitening price will apply until the end of 2018.
If your treatment has been prepaid as a gift the credit will remain on your account indefinitely or until you use it, if you do not contact us within 12 months of the credit being paid we will endeavour to refund it to the person who paid for your treatment (by putting the credit onto their account with us or if they are not a patient we will contact them to make arrangements to transfer the credit back to them another way).

Introducing Oral Health Therapy to Central Dental Alexandra

From January 2018 we will have an Oral Health Therapist (OHT) joining our team. So what is an OHT? They are dual qualified to provide both dental hygiene and dental therapy, this means they can do lots of the same stuff our dentists do.

Victoria, our new OHT will –

  • Help prevent and treat gum disease in adults by doing very through dental cleans every 3, 6 or 12 months. Track progression or healing of your gum disease with full periodontal charting and dental xrays. Your periodontal care will often be shared with one of our dentists, and occasionally referred to a private specialist.
  • Keep your teeth looking and feeling as lovely as possible by providing regular cleans and stain removal with our new airflow prophylaxis master. Victoria can also provide dentist whitening treatments.
  • Do preventative dental checks, cleans, xrays, fluoride treatments, fissure sealants and small white fillings in patients under 18.

For more information see Oral Health Therapy

A busy lead up to Christmas

We have been very busy in the lead up to Christmas. Amelia is already booked out to the second week of December! So please don’t put off your treatment, as you may have to wait!

We are in the process of adding a second Dental Chair, and a familiar face will be helping us catch up.

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