Christmas is fast approaching, and we are already booked out for some treatment options.
We will be shutting down over the holidays from the 21st of December until the 7th of January.

There will be an emergency clinic on the 4th and 5th of January in the morning,

An emergency call out fee of $100 may apply (this is on top of treatment costs).

Standard costs are:

Brief diagnostic  exam and x-ray + prescription $120 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + adjustment/ small repair $160 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + simple extraction $195 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + stage 1 root canal $230 (+$100)
Brief diagnostic exam and x-ray + complex extraction $250 (+$100)

For an appointment

Phone 03 448 8159

Booking online not available for emergence clinics over the holidays.

Under 18 and registered with us will be as normal with no  extra fees. If you are registered with another provider try contacting them first otherwise a call out fee + private fees will apply.

Acute pain due to ACC event?
ACC will contribute to your fees but there will be a gap payment required.

We will provide emergency treatment but the call out fee must be paid before treatment. The process will remain the same as normal. You must phone WINZ and make sure you are eligible for a special needs grant. You will need to book a meeting with your case manager. Before your meeting come in for a consult (pay the callout fee) and get a form from us. Then go to your meeting with your case manager and get approval from WINZ, then treatment will be provided.

All payment is expected on the day of service.