Successful Free Dental Day

We had an incredible day on Thursday, for our free dental day. We were able to see 23 patients for a range of treatments. We would like to thank our staff, The NZDA and Southern Cross for sponsoring this event.

Free Dental Day 13th of September

Free Dental Day 13th of September Each year in September Central Dental Alexandra takes part in Free Dental Day. Free Dental Day is run by the NZDA and sponsored by the Southern Cross Health Trust. Lots of dentists across New Zealand volunteer a day of their time to...

Dental for under 18

Adolescents / Children: If you or your children are under 18 you are probably eligible for free basic dental care in NZ. Please phone 0800TALKTEETH  or 0800 825 583 for enrollment information. If your child is under the age of 13 please phone 0800 825 583, and book in...

Dental Expo

We’ve been up in Auckland at the dental expo checking out what’s new and upcoming in dental materials and machines. There were good lectures, excellent displays and lots of colleagues and friends to catch up with.

Double emails

We have made some changes to our email reminders, you might receive 2 emails reminding you that you have an appointment, this is because one is for the dentist and the other will be for the hygienist. These should now be able to be booked online.