StandardWe will always keep our fees as reasonable as possible, our fees are what they are due to the nature of the materials and machines we use and the cost of our education. We are aware how expensive dentistry is to the general public so we will keep all our prices transparent and will be happy to provide quotes for treatment after your initial examination prior to treatment commencing.

Please find a guide price for some basic services below, if you require a quote for your specific treatment please let us know prior to your appointment. All prices on this list are indicative only and may actually be more or less depending on the complexity of your treatment and amount of time and materials taken for your appointment.

Checkup appointments:

New Patient Exam $240, This is a longer appointment where we may take Clinical Photos, Standard Xrays and an OPG xray.

Regular Exam, xrays and simple clean: $190 – $275 (depending on complexity of treatment plan required)

Exam and xrays: $130

 OPG Xray $85

Urgent / relief of pain appointments:

Urgent WINZ quote (no treatment – just quote) $0 upfront – see info further down the page

Normal extraction of one tooth (includes xrays) $250, additional simple extractions in the same appointment $100 each


Direct composite restoration (white filling) $190-$380. Depends on size, time taken and materials used.

Indirect onlays or crowns $900-$1650. Depends on material. Same day e.max crowns available.


Hygiene appointments

From $180-$220 per appointment depending on services required. Regular hygiene appointments usually $180


Are you eligible for free care or assistance with paying your bill?

Adolescents / Children: If you are under 18 you are probably eligible for free basic dental care in NZ. Please phone 0800TALKTEETH  or 0800 825 583 for enrollment information. We are happy to provide services to all children and adolescents. All basic dental services for enrolled eligible high school students are free. If you decide that your preschool or primary school aged child is to attend us as a private patient rather then the school dental service fees will apply. However sometimes your school dental therapist isn’t available or considers your child’s dental requirements to complex, in this instance you may be referred to us, when this happens treatment is free.

WINZ: If you receive financial assistance from WINZ you may be eligible for up to one emergency dental appointment to treat pain or infection every 12 months. This is called a Special Needs Grant and is non recoverable up to $300. If your emergency work is going to cost more than $300 you may be able to apply for a loan from WINZ. Please contact WINZ in the first instance to make sure you are eligible for a ‘Special Needs Grant’ prior to contacting us to make an appointment for a quote for treatment, the quote will be a very short appointment. The quote appointment cost will be included in the WINZ emergency dentistry quote. Once you have taken the quote to WINZ they will provide documentation to prove assistance has been granted at which stage we will complete your treatment as soon as possible (usually within 1-2 working days of receiving confirmation).

ACC: If you damage your teeth in an accident for example while playing sport, you may be eligible for assistance paying for the resulting dental treatment. Breaking a tooth or filling due to eating/chewing something is not covered by ACC as it is considered normal wear and tear. ACC often require an up to date examination and xrays, you will need to pay for this. ACC are unlikely to approve complex expensive care like crowns or implants if your dental health is not good (if you have untreated cavities or gum disease). ACC are unlikely to completely cover the cost of your accident related dental care, there is often a part payment required by you, this will be discussed with you prior to commencing dental treatment. Please let us know if your treatment is ACC related as ACC require additional paperwork.