Kick off you winter sports season with a custom made mouthguard.

Custom made mouthguards are designed to fit tightly around your teeth, making it easier to breath and talk, while improving the protection to your teeth and jaw

While it is essential for Rugby and Hockey players to have a mouthguard, activities we see a lot of injuries from also include skateboarding, (and scooting) Skiing, Mountain and BMX biking. Any sport where there is a risk of impact or sudden jarring movement to the face or jaw.

We can even customize them, if you have a sticker or image you want on the front, as long as it fits, we can laminate it between the layers.

Our standard mouthguard is a duel layer and comes in a range of colours, but we can also do reinforced mouthguards for more advanced situations.

Get your team on board and we can do group discounts.