WINZ Emergency Treatment:

If you receive financial assistance from WINZ you may be eligible for up to one emergency dental appointment to treat pain or infection every 12 months. This is called a Special Needs Grant and is non-recoverable up to $300. If your emergency work is going to cost more than $300 you may be able to apply for a loan from WINZ. Please contact WINZ in the first instance to make sure you are eligible for a ‘Special Needs Grant’ prior to contacting us to make an appointment for a quote for treatment. The quote appointment cost will be included in the WINZ emergency dentistry quote. Once you have taken the quote to WINZ they will provide documentation to prove assistance has been granted at which stage we will complete your treatment as soon as possible (usually within 1-2 working days of receiving confirmation).

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What You Need To Do:

Phone Winz and ask about a Special Needs Grant for emergency dental treatment, book a meeting with you Winz case manager if you qualify.

Phone us for a consult and we will do a quote for you to take to your Winz meeting.

When the quote has been approved we will confirm an appointment time.

Please Note

If you follow this process we are happy, Winz is happy, everyone is happy, except you probably still have a raging toothache while reading this. If you don’t get prior approval things become tricky and you will need to pay for your treatment. Winz will normally only cover with┬áprior approval.